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NEW: Mark clips for DVDs or WMVs with NoteClipper
NoteClipper logoNow you can open DVDs or WMV video files in our new updated VID Clipper™ program.  And with NoteClipper™, our new FREE realtime clipping program you can mark clips and make notes during your session.   Then later find those corresponding video clips on your DVD or your WMV files with our new VID Clipper program. 

All for FREE.

Or use NoteClipper to find clips with other video systems.  Get more information at
DVD and WMV are the most popular ways to record qualitative research sessions at focus group facilities. These digital recordings have a lot of advantages

  • Higher video quality than CD
  • Downloadable files (WMV)
  • Play on computer or TV set (DVDs)

The only problem is that it is hard to find the best video clips from the hours and hours of recordings.

But now it's easy to clip facility DVDs and WMVs - for FREE.

VID ClipperTM lets you
  • NEW:  Insert realtime clips and notes from NoteClipper - for FREE.
  • Mark clips on your facility DVDs or WMVs - for FREE
  • Decide later which clips you want to export
  • Pay to unlock just the DVDs or WMVs that have the clips you need
To get started, download a free copy of VID Clipper from this web site and install it on your computer. Then register your program so you can unlock DVDs and WMV files and edit and export clips.

VID Clipper is the new service from InterClipper®, the experts in research video since 1999.

"Clients like reports with video clips. VID Clipper really simplifies the process."
-- JR, VP, Research Company